Lafayette Township maintains a volunteer-paid fire department, which is headed by Fire Chief Jeff Hall. The department has paid staffing during the day to optimize handling of daytime emergencies between the hours of 6am to 6pm. Beyond daytime hours, personnel respond from their homes to handle emergency calls. Protecting approximately 6,700 residents and nearly 25 square miles, Lafayette Township Fire Department (LTFD) provides fire and emergency medical services to not only Lafayette Township but the Villages of Chippewa Lake & Gloria Glens as well.

LTFD maintains two fire stations: one at the Township Complex at 6776 Wedgewood Rd., and another located at 5834 Heather Hedge Dr. in Chippewa Lake Village.

Under the leadership of Chief Jeff Hall, LTFD has a total of approximately 40 members. Equipment consists of 8 pieces of heavy duty apparatus highlighted by 2 ambulances as well as tankers, pumpers and related apparatus. The department also has 1 boat for water rescue, a safety trailer used for public safety demonstrations, and a Utility Terrain Vehicle for off road rescue and fire containment.

LTFD has remained “Dedicated to our community” since 1919. We continue to train regularly to increase our knowledge and skills that our community relies on. Being Dedicated to our community” means we will answer each call for help quickly and to the best of our ability. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please forward them to